Founding Members of the Association and Project Runners

Musa Emrem, 2017-2018 Başkanı

Musa Emrem

2017-2018 President

“I completed my elementary school education in Konya Eregli. In 2002 I went to high school in Konya Taskent after getting a scholarship from the government. In 2012 I graduated from 18 Mart University Art History Department. I worked in tourism, agriculture, animal farming and I was in management positions. Since my family is from Ivriz and I have a special interest for Ivriz, I wanted the efforts for Ivriz to continue on in a professional manner. That is why I wanted to be a part of Association for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of İvriz. We founded the association as 7 founding members and after 5 months of being a founding president I was voted to be the association president by our members on 25/11/2017.”

“I work to make sure Ivriz can develop in a right and conscious manner because it has such important historical, cultural and natural values. I organize educational and research trips to tourism spots and prepare models that can be applied in Ivriz. I organize and pursue education plans for the local community to create a tourism awareness. I do oral history in order to resurface recent historical values of Ivriz and document them as to have an inventory.”

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Sadiye Kaya, Başkan Yardımcısı

Sadiye Kaya

Vice President

“I’m Sadiye Kaya, I drive a school bus in Eregli. I help women in the association in the packaging and selling of the local products. I make jams with them in the kitchen. I discuss entrepreneurship with women and try to encourage them to take initiative. I inform them on the hygiene and packaging of their own products. I love Ivriz and the people I’ve met here. Women here work as hard as they can. Through the association, I try to help them produce better products and inform them on everything.”

Çiğdem Maner, Kurucu Üye, Öğretim Görevlisi

Çiğdem Maner

Faculty Member

Founding Member, Faculty Member
Çiğdem Maner has been a faculty member in Koç University Archaeology and History of Art department since 2005. With the permission of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Museums Directory she is conducting surface surver in Eregli, Halkapinar, Karapinar and Emirgazi provinces.
Her expertise is Asia minor, she is especially interested in Old Assyrian Trade Colonies, Hittites and Iron Age and she is researching the cultural interactions, trade and communication networks of the time period. For all of these reasons, in 2013, she has started a systematic surface survey in southeast Konya, a very critical region, to research Bronze and Iron ages.

“I believe that archaeology isn’t just research and excavation. It is also protecting the cultural heritage, rural development and educating local people to care for the places they live in. That is why I started the Ivriz Landscaping Project,Ivriz Rural Development Project and prepared the nomination file of Ivriz Cultural Landscape for Unesco World Heritage Tentative List.”

Aliye Menteş, Founding Member, Rural Development Coordinator

Aliye Menteş

Rural Development Coordinator

Aliye Menteş graduated from the architecture department of Eastern Mediterranean University and completed her masters degree on Historic Conservation Protection in Oxford and her doctorate degree on rural development of traditional villages through sustainable tourism.

She has been doing academic and professional work on historical conservation/restoration and rural development (sustainable tourism) since 2006 and continues to give lectures in Lefke European University in Cyprus.

Since 2016, she has been working as a consultant and a coordinator in the rural development project founded by Cigdem Maner in Ivriz.

“Ivriz Rural Development Project and developing conservation policies in Ivriz through sustainable tourism, socio-cultural continuity of Ivriz and surrounding villages and strengthening the current economic situation are all very important parts of the sustainable future of Ivriz.
The most important goal of the project and the association is to economically strengthen and create employment opportunities for the local people, especially women.
We are on a long and difficult journey but we continue to patiently work with the women of Ivriz and learn from each other.”