Our association aims to raise public awareness and to protect this heritage by providing local community participation for the rich cultural heritage in İvriz and its immediate surroundings.

Our Services

Local Products

We want the village to economically develop and especially women to be socially and economically prosperous. Accordingly, we sell natural and local products.

Guest Room

Our guest room —the perfect blend of traditional Ivriz furnitures and modern designs— provides a peaceful environment and an escape from the city for our guests.

Bicycle Rental

Would you like to be able to exercise, as well as go on an unforgettable journey through Ivriz at the same time?

Projects and Events

Expert Guests
Workshop on Making Mudbrick and Raising Awareness for the Importance of Mudbrick
Packaging Workshops and Making Use of Women’s Handicrafts
Soap Making Workshop for Women
Oral History Inventory
Bed & Breakfast Workshop
Jam Making and Hygiene Workshop
Educational Trips
Ivriz Doll Project

Our Team

Founding Members of the Association

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Sadiye Kaya The Vice President
Sadiye Kaya
Vice President
Schoolbus driver Sadiye Kaya works on raising women's awareness of any subject involving daily life in Ivriz, such as the development and hygiene of local products.
Musa Emrem, 2017-2018 President
Musa Emrem
2017-2018 President
Musa Emrem was born and raised in Ivriz. He is an art historian and does oral history of Ivriz.
Çiğdem Maner, Founding Member, Faculty Member
Çiğdem Maner
Faculty Member
Çiğdem Maner, archeologist, is conducting a surface survey in Eregli, Halkapinar, Karapinar and Emirgazi provinces.
Aliye Menteş, Founding Member, Rural Development Coordinator
Aliye Menteş
Founding Member, Rural Development Coordinator
Aliye Menteş, architect, has been working as a consultant and a coordinator in the rural development project founded by Çiğdem Maner in Ivriz.