Bicycle Rental

Would you like to be able to exercise and go on an unforgettable journey through Ivriz at the same time?

We provide an hourly rental bicycle service. You can tour around Ivriz and take in its pristine nature and historical sites.

Ecotourism in Ivriz

If you would like to take in the fresh air of Ivriz and witness its natural beauty you can rent bicycles from our association. Enjoy the never ending sceneries of green throughout the landscape and discover the historical streets of Ivriz following the bicycle routes we mapped out for you.

Reminders, Warnings

If you want to take the opportunity to exercise and breathe in the fresh air please let us know beforehand.

Please keep in mind that our bicycles were designed for asphalt roads. Do not use them on other types of terrain.

All you have to do is fill the form:

Bicycle Rental Form