Educational Trips

Emirgazi Carpet Making Educational Trip

Our team and women from Ivriz left Ereğli for Emirgazi on 20th of July 2017. First off, they visited the KOMEK building. The goal of the trip was to learn about carpet making and research the potentials for Ivriz.

KOMEK manager gave information about workshops in Emirgazi and projects that they were doing. A carpet making atelier was visited with the owner of the carpet company and the instructor of the workshops. In the atelier, the founding of the workshop, how women came together, sales of the products, supplying the necessary materials were among the topics that were discussed.

Kuyucak, Lavanta Kokulu Köy
Kuyucak, The Village with Lavender Scent
Isparta/Keçiborlu/Kuyucak Village Educational Trip

Between 10th-12th of December 2017, the association administration organized an expansive trip to Isparta Keçiborlu district, Kuyucak village. Our team studied production and products of the village which is famous for its lavender. The trip helped the participants gain new perspectives on a lot of tourism related areas. The three day trip included informational meetings with the mayor, village administrator, General Coordinator of the Project, Cooperative President and members. Discussed topics included running the project, managing the cooperative, bed & breakfast, gift packaging techniques, using social media and soap making. At the end of an incredibly informative trip our team started to work on applying similar models in Ivriz.

Adana/Osmaniye Educational Trip

Our rural development team and expert guest Cem Yardımcı went to Adana-Osmaniye. They visited the Kadirli/Karatepe Rug Cooperative and talked to the president of the cooperative as well as the cooperative instructor and learned about what they do. They toured the workshop where the yarns are dyed and examined the production counters. Our team also visited the hall where the products are exhibited and perused at the yarn and dye chart. After the tour our team prepared to go to the Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum about 10 kilometers away from the Karatepe Rug Cooperative. They examined the products of the wooden spoon craftsman standing at the entrance of the museum and later on visited the open air museum. Excerpts from this trip are included in the documentation work.

“No one has been weaving for 15-20 years…”