Expert Guests

We would like to extend our thanks to our expert guests for accepting our invitation to join us in Ivriz. They joined us at different times and within a short period of time. They helped us in our journey to realize our dreams for Ivriz and our association.

Pınar Yeğin
Design Consultant

Pınar Yeğin, originally from İstanbul, lived in the USA for 10 years where she first studied economics at Harvard College, then finance at Wharton Business School. In 2004 she returned to İstanbul to take a role in running her family’s business in yarn manufacturing, where she discovered her passion for design and illustration. In 2011 she started working on their own company “rumisu” along with her sister.

Cem Yardımcı

Cem Yardımcı is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University Architecture Department.

Under the concept “architectural reflex” he is studying relations between theory/practice and architecture/video. Travelling architecture, architectural design and relations in contemporary life are among his research topics. He also makes experimental and documentary films. He continues his research as a faculty member in a university. Contact him via: 

The incredible water culture in Ivriz is worth seeing. The peaceful sound of water, a nature that changes color as seasons go by, cows roaming amongst the mudbrick houses and the chickens lure you into an authentic rural lifestyle. Spending time with warm and sincere people and following them through cherry gardens, observing produce and production, all of these are unique experiences…

Their interaction with the other villages that share the same water basin create a rich environment. However a concern that I have is how growing urbanization might affect this delicate rural lifestyle. Ivriz is a friendly destination for all travelers, climbers and nature lovers.

Leyla Derya
Soap Making Instructor

Leyla Derya is a biology (ODTU) and environmental sciences (BOUN) graduate. She is the founder of Katre Soaps and Green Steps Environmental Education Foundation. She has been making soap since 1998. She is always excited to show women in various foundations and cooperatives how to make cold processed, pure soap as a volunteer. She started efforts to continue the success of soap making ateliers in Mardin and Kilis in Ivriz.

One of the most beautiful villages I’ve ever seen. Gardens, mudbrick houses, a clear river running through the village, a grand Hittite relief are all here… Wheats and grapes on the relief… The soil of Ivriz has been fertile for thousands of years for sure but the young generation doesn’t want to live here. The village is left to middle aged or elderly people. The women here are warm and hardworking. They want to put their talents into work in the association as they do in their farms and houses, they are open to learn and develop. I hope the soap making atelier brings a new aspect to their lives and bring them plenty blessings.

I also observed several urgent problems that need to be addressed in the village such as protecting the traditional architecture and cleaning the trash visitors leave behind after having a picnic in the village…

You can watch the Ivriz documentary (45 min) in three days in Ivriz and its surroundings:

  • Video by: Cem Yardımcı
  • Date of Shoot: June 20 through 23, 2017
  • Duration: 45 min