Guest Room

Our guest room —the perfect blend of traditional Ivriz furnitures and modern designs— provides a peaceful environment and an escape from the city for our guests. Sustainability is the main principle of the guest room and the hot water is sourced from the solar panels.

Features of the Room

A Healing Space

Our guest room has the capacity to accommodate two adults and a child. It has a truly unique atmosphere surrounded by serene nature and a natural circulation that allows for a pleasant summer and a warm winter making it a healing space for its guests.

Capacity: Two Adults + One Child

Our guest room was designed to stay true to its traditional elements as well as considering your comfort and needs. The divan in the room can open up to be a 80X200 cm queen sized bed. For families with kids we do have a 90×180 cm bed.

Heating Stove

During cold winter days you can fire up the heating stove and create nostalgic memories while warming up. You can bake a batch of chestnuts or delicious potatoes in the oven part of the heating stove. Firing up the heating stove is quite easy, all you have to do is throw in the kindling in the bucket right next to the heating stove. Please be cautious as the heating stove is quite powerful. Do not stand next to the stove with plastic materials and don’t put plastic material next  to the stove as they may melt or burn.

Who Can Be A Guest?

If you would like to use our guest room for your accommodation please contact us, fill the form below and tell us about the details of your project, how many days you would like to stay and whom you would like to work with. If our team accepts your request, you can stay as a guest during the period that will be determined according to your project. Our team will prioritize projects on research, arts, education and conservation. Our guest room has a Queen sized bed.

We would be happy to host you in our association house…

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