Local Products

We want the village to economically develop and especially women to be socially and economically prosperous. Accordingly, we sell natural and local products that were made in our kitchen by the association and the women in the village. Product range changes according to season, from jams to dried fruit and syrups.

Local Products


We suggest you take look at the local product sales section in our association house.

Contributing to Employment

When you buy from our association you financially contribute to us and help us create employment opportunities for women. You can also visit the marketplace in the village and buy local produce and products.

Local Packaging Designs

Women work on their handicrafts that emphasise traditional design patterns of Ivriz. Some of these handicrafts are transformed to designs to be used in the packaging of our products.


Seasonal Produce Chart will be here very soon!

Our products grow with the fresh air of the Bolkar Mountains and the ice cold spring water of Ivriz.