Our association has volunteers from all parts of Turkey. Would you like to get to know them better through their words and learn more about the work they do in Ivriz?

Gönüllümüz İnci Merve Taşçı
İnci Merve Taşcı
Junior Year Student

İnci Merve Taşcı is a Junior year student in Koc University Archaeology and History Department. She decided to become a volunteer after she attended the opening of the association. She is also an avid theatre lover.

“Hello, I’m Inci Merve Tasci, one of the volunteers of the Association for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Ivriz. I took photographs in Ivriz for the association, I was a guest at the villagers tables, prepared surveys for them and I did oral history in the village. I was able to talk to the women of Ivriz and get to know these incredible women better. Ivriz holds a special place in every volunteer’s heart thanks to it’s warm people and breathtaking nature. Ivriz becomes “your village” instantaneously. I feel lucky to have done my first volunteer work in a village that always greets me with warmth and that always gives me peace.”

Zeynep Kuşdil
Graduate Student

Zeynep Kuşdil is a graduate student in the Department of Archaeology and Art History of Koç University. She is currently working on her Master’s thesis titled Changes in the Temple Architecture from the Middle Bronze age to the Late Bronze Age in Anatolia. She decided to become a volunteer for the association after visiting İvriz, seeing its natural beauty, cultural heritage and attending the association opening .

Hi, I’m Zeynep and I work as a volunteer for the Association for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Ivriz. While I was in İvriz I had to chance to help prepare the natural products made by the village women and assist their sales. It was an extraordinary experience to aid the warm and friendly people of the village and support their economic development.As part of my work at İvriz I also took part in the designing the brochures and billboards about the rigorous work the association undertakes. These give information on the cultural heritage and the work we do in İvriz. During my time in İvriz, I had the chance to personally see and experience the historical and natural heritage of İvriz, which I had only seen in books and photos. Every time I visit İvriz it astonishes me. The people, the gorgeous nature, the historical monuments, and my experiences I gather as a volunteer in İvriz will always have a place in my heart.

Batuhan Sevin
College Student

Batuhan Sevin is an archaeology student in Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts.While attending the surface survey in Ivriz and vicinity he was introduced to our association and decided to join as Konya is also his hometown.

“Hello, I’m Batuhan and I stayed in our association’s guest room for a month. During that time I interviewed the elderly people of the village. One side of my family is from Halkapinar and one side is from Eregli so naturally I had heard so much about Ivriz. The time I spent in the enchanting Ivriz was the best time of my life. Ivriz is an exceptional place with its nature, cultural heritage and people…”

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